We are committed to providing every child the best opportunity to enjoy their time with us. As ECB qualified and insured coaches we adhere to their code of practice, a brief outline can be found below. For information please do not hesitate to ask one of the coaches or contact us via email or phone.

Good Practice means:

  • Ensuring Cricket is fun, enjoyable and fair play is promoted
  • Treating all young people equally, with respect and dignity
  • Being an excellent role model to children, this involves not drinking alcohol or smoking in fornt of young people
  • Always put the welfare of the young person first, before winning
  • Always working in an open environment
  • Building balanced relationships based on trust which enable children to take part in the decision-making process
  • Being in line with Home Office guidelines, which state, if you are in a position of trust and authority, you must not have sexual relationships with 16-17 year olds in your care
  • Not tolerating acts of aggression
  • Recognising the needs and abilities of children, avoiding too much training or competition and not pushing them against their will
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism
  • Working to ECB guidance on physical contact, where children are always consulted and their agreement gained before any contact is made
  • Keeping up-to-date with technical skills, qualifications and insurance in sport
  • Ensuring if mixed sex teams are taken away, they are always accompanied by a male and female member of staff
  • Ensuring while on tour, you do not enter a childs room or invite them into your room except in an emergency, i.e. when very unwell
  • Finding out if any children you are coaching have medical conditions that could be aggravated during playing or training
  • Keeping a written record any time a child is injured in your care, along with details of any treatment provided
  • Promoting good sportsmanship by encouraging children to be considerate of other athletes, officials and club volunteers and by being modest in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Helping the ECB to work toward eradicating harassment and abuse of children from cricket